My good morning mess


This corner is usually the first thing I see when I wake up since it sits right across from my bed. I’d love to say that it always looks this nice and clutter-free, and that it’s a perfect start to my morning, but sadly, no. The reality is that the chair is usually hidden under a mound of clothes, blankets, Barbies and books. And also, my kid broke that lamp once when she was trying to “help” turn it on, so now it has to be plugged in and out in order to work. So to recap, books, Barbies, broken lamp. Awesome. But, the books are usually there because that’s where we sat to read them the night before. My kids are growing up faster than I could ever imagine they would so I’m going to enjoy having them climb into my lap and asking me to read them “just one more book,” while I still can. And the Barbies are there because they still like playing in my room and want to be everywhere I am. I know that before I know it, they will be begging for their independence so for now, I’ll relish the Barbie shows that happen in my room because it means that my kids still want to be be with me. As for the piles of clothes waiting to be folded or put away, there’s no sugar coating that!


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