An All aROUND Solution


I’d been on the hunt for the PERFECT coffee table for a long time now. We started out with a storage ottoman that was nice and soft for little heads but that eventually got taken out…it just wasn’t quite right. Then we had a different storage ottoman that we got as a hand-me-down, well actually, it was a trade for the previously mentioned ottoman, but alas, it too was not quite right. Hmmmm….this is starting to sound like a familiar story…yes, that’s it, I’m the Goldilocks of coffee tables! Anywho, after months and months of searching, I finally found the perfect one and it has fulfilled every single requirement from my Goldilocks checklist! I needed it to be round, I needed it to be wood or at least have a wood top, I wanted it to be a pretty good size, and I wanted it to look good and I didn’t want to have to dip into the kid’s college funds to pay for it. Let. Me. Tell. You. There is a reason this took me months to find. Most everything I looked at was so incredibly wrong, or ugly or crazy expensive until good ole’ Overstock came, once again, to me rescue!

I mean, I got this table, for $84.99, after an email coupon that I’d gotten for 12% off and it is perfect! AND THEN, the day I actually got it, I noticed the price had gone down and so I got on the phone and the nice lady in their customer service department gave me a $14 price adjustment bring my grand total to $70! For the best, most perfect coffee table for my little living room…it was just right.

So, while I do love how it looks and actually had a very nice mother-daughter DIY moment while Big Sister assisted with an Allen wrench (seriously, she’s a natural. She will be putting together her own Ikea finds in no time!) my most favorite moment came about five minutes after it had been assembled and we had sat back, kicked up our feet to admire it. With the help of a couple of blankets, pillows and a flashlight, it became the official fort of the household…and it was awesome! Hearing Big sister and Little sister’s squeals and giggles from under there made my find so much better and made me love my table and my living room even more because it’s all about the life that comes with those moments and in those squeals; it gives a room soul!